1. Minimizing the HTTP request using data URI

    Performance is a crucial factor when building websites. Whenever we load a web page, the browser sends a request to each and every file that is linked in the HTML and CSS files. Designers use CSS image sprites to reduce the number of requests to the server. Using data URIs is also another good alternative to reduce server requests.

    HTTP server request

    Data URI represents a file type and it’s content in an text string which is encoded using the base64 encoding system. The beauty of this string is that you can directly store an image in the HTML or CSS file itself, rather than referring to the external source.

  2. frontcube turns 3

    frontcube 3rd anniversaryThree years ago, frontcube officially started. The roots of the company began in my bedroom beginning with just a laptop and an Internet connection.

    Nowadays I see more and more Sri Lankans are getting into Freelancing and business, but back in those days freelancing was a dirty word. I am glad that I made such a ‘risky decision’ early in my life to embark upon the freelancing journey and I stand by my decision.

    Over the past couple of years, we haven’t spent the time to recognize frontcube anniversary. Today though, we want to do that by looking back at some of our biggest accomplishments.

  3. Our New Office

    Our new office. Lease signed today. Planning to move by next week. Stay tuned for more updates.

    (Video has been taken in the evening. Sorry for the quality.)

  4. Frontcube Goes Green

    Going Green seems to be the new fad of the century. Indeed, it’s about time.

    Unfortunately, going green expects to alter a lot of our so called ‘way of life’. Naturally, the first reaction to change is resistance. However, I’ve always believed that nature has its own way of reacting to its occupants. And being one of the billions of ‘lessee’ in this planet, making an initiative to change is the least that I can do.

    In reality, the problem about Global Warming and massive destruction of the environment has only became evident to us when we began to feel it on first hand – natural disasters; inconsistent weather changes; flush floods; etc. Life, as we know it has never been too much focused on the betterment of dear mother earth…until now. Perhaps, in the last couple of years had been too engrossed on Progress. Being a man of Technology, I believe that every day is the best day to make a difference. Otherwise, our generation’s effort to make this world a better place to live in would be far too futile.

  5. We’re Hiring: Are You An Amazing Web Designer?

    About FrontCube

    FrontCube is a web design and development company has been successfully in business for 3 years by building a reputation for creating unique and beautifully designed and developed websites.

    FrontCube has produced design work for clients such as Microsoft, Al Jazeera, Bacardi, Nawhals as well as smaller businesses and silicon valley based start-up companies.

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