1. Building A Solid Web Design Foundation With HTML

    One of the biggest mistakes that aspiring web designers make is focusing too much on learning CSS and JavaScript and neglecting HTML. Very commonly, designers underestimate the value of proper logical and consistent structure of HTML. This is a big mistake, since the most crucial initial step when coding a website lies in the structure of HTML. Without this structure, it is impossible to write efficient CSS or JavaScript.

    When we are coding a website at Frontcube, we always follow a 4 step process that we call the “The Golden Workflow”. In this post I will talk about this work process in hopes that it will help you to improve your web design workflow.

  2. The Value of Human Communication

    We have recently employed a part-time office cleaning boy named “Sarfan”. He cares about every single thing in our company, some would say more than we do. Sadly he was born deaf and doesn’t have any traditional or special educational background. There is a very popular special education institute where we live and I still wonder how a special person like Sarfan has been ignored.

    I still remember the day that we hired him. Indeed it was difficult. Since he does not have an education, he’s afraid to touch our papers, books, pen and computers. When we were negotiating his rates, I tried to write the numbers on paper. He reacted very strangely to this gesture and from what I understoodfrom his signs, he was trying to say that he cannot read or write. Then I showed him the numbers using my fingers and he was so happy. Initially I thought that this partnership was not going to work out in the long run, but I wanted to give him a chance anyway.

  3. 10 Reasons Why Working from Home Benefits Everyone

    So why do so many of us like to stay home rather than go to the office? It is not because we are lazy or lack ambition, or prefer to hang out in our pajamas all day. The truth is there are a lot of benefits to working from home.

    Not only do I speak from experience, but there are more than a few people out there that agree with me! A great book was written on the topic called “Remote; No Office Needed”, by the founders of 37signals. The book shows employers and employees how to work together while being hundreds of miles apart.

  4. Tanja Ignjatic join frontcube as Rockstar Organizer

    Tanja Ignjatic

    We would like to let you know we have hired a rockstar! Yup, that’s right a rockstar! Ok so maybe she never played in a rock band and does not hang out with Mick Jagger but she can rock out a project plan or emails like it’s her job! We are excited to introduce you to the our Rockstar Organizer and the newest member of our team Tanja Ignjatic. She started on December 2nd, 2013 and she is here to make all of our lives a little be easier.

    Tanja has a background in Administration as well as Event Coordination. She takes pride in getting the job done right the first time and loves dealing with people. She completed a Bachelors Degree at the University of Western Ontario in Organizational and Human Resource Management with a minor in French.

    Help us welcome Tanja!

  5. Leadership Wednesdays

    “Culture is King” – Robin Sharma

    It is your company’s culture that defines its personality.

    The culture behind your company helps others to understand what is important to you and what your organization stands for. Culture is, in a sense, your company’s life blood.

    In a way it is culture that demands the success of a company and helps team members to grow and flourish. Without the influence of culture however the organization will originate its own.

    Some time ago I had the privilege of reading ‘Delivering Happiness’ by Tony Hsieh, this was before I was thinking of hiring a “team.” In this book Tony not only talks about the importance of crafting and shaping good culture, but he also talks about the taste of the bitter fruits yielded from an abandoned culture as exemplified by his former company Link Exchange.

  6. 15 Essential Plugins To Kick Start Your Next WordPress Project

    Almost all content management systems feature the absolute basic and fundamental components that a simple website needs. Many of them also provide an API (Application Programming Interface) where we can extend the functionality of a site by adding Plugins and modules.

    Without a doubt WordPress is an excellent platform to build highly customized websites. In this post I’m going to share 15 hand picked WordPress plugins that we use every day here at Frontcube.

  7. Distraction free web surfing – Part 1

    The whole culture has become afflicted with ADD, so much so that anyone or any business that can maintain its focus has an almost unfair advantage in the marketplace.
    – Dave Ramsy, Entreleadership.

    We live in the age of hyper distraction. There are millions of things screaming for and competing to win our attention every second of the day. We start with one task and quickly find ourselves  sidetracked by something else that is completely irrelevant. It’s hard for us to read and complete one book before picking up another one. It’s hard for us to watch the same TV channel without switching. As Dave stated in his excellent book Entreleadership, the whole global culture is afflicted with Attention Deficit Disorder or simply ADD.

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