Without a doubt Chrome is the best web surfing browser in the world. It has already surpassed the IE (Internet Explorer) and has successfully made it through as the world’s most popular browser. It’s wonderful to think that you can revamp the power of Chrome by adding extensions.

Here are my favorite list of extensions that I use on a daily basis:

  1. 1Password

    Unlike other extensions, you won’t be able to find this in the Chrome web store. Although it’s not a free extension, it’s a great companion for a Mac application called “1Password” allows you to create and manage pretty strong and undeniably secure passwords. One of the key advantage of this app is that you don’t have to remember them. If you install the extension, it will automatically complete the username and password for you. Being very smart with passwords and able to use them with a single click is definitely a satisfaction booster. 😛
  2. Chrome Sniffer

    Chrome Sniffer
    From the term“Sniffer”, it detects the technologies underneath a website. My potential client often admires how quickly I can identify the technologies behind their website. Truly, the Chrome Sniffer has a name to uphold. The only downside is that it still not sophisticated enough to detect the frameworks that the site is built upon.
  3. Rapportive

    This is a very powerful extension for GMail. Whenever I get an email from a lead, a potential client or partner, this extension helps me a lot to qualify them. All you need to do is just hover over the person’s name and it will pull that person’s information from social and professional networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and will list you in the browser. Simply put, this app is the epitome of the word convenience.
  4. Boomerang for Gmail

    Boomerang for Gmail
    Boomerang is a force to reckon in Chrome. This allows me to schedule my emails and notifies me regarding follow ups. Boomerang helps a lot to keep my inbox with zero email. Now, I no longer have to be stressed out with flooded emails. Before using this service, if want to follow up with someone, I kept the email in the inbox and add it to my ToDo list. But now, all I need to do is to set the date as to when I want to follow up directly via Gmail. The email will be archived and will appear in the inbox on the date set. Pretty awesome. It has a free plan which allows you to send and schedule ten emails, but the paid version is really worth every penny.
  5. Evernote Web Clipper

    Evernote Web Clipper
    I’m a heavy Evernote user. I utilize the tool mainly for organization purposes – note taking, client meetings, article writing, journals, collecting ideas, etc. I remember reading through several articles online and I would immediately think “Maybe I will need this…” But this thought would be immediately washed away by my thoughts “It’s online, right? That means I can google it whenever I need.” I’d even disregard bookmarking it. But surprise, surprise! Soon as I forget the keywords I used to come up with that specific article, I find myself flooded with details from the hours I wasted for the search.Since the advent of Evernote Web Clipper, I can confidently forget about bookmarking. Now I clip whatever information that I think I’ll need for future reference. The most beautiful feature of this extension is that you can even clip a section of the page rather than clipping the entire page.
  6. Offline Google Mail

    Offline Google Mail
    We use Google apps as our email service in FrontCube. Being able to access every bit of information on the cloud any time has become its biggest asset. However, once offline, checking emails ceases to become possible. Hence, Offline Google Mail has been conceived for us users to overcome that.
  7. Speed Tracer

    Speed Tracer
    This is a great plugin from Google. I use this for websites’ performance audits. Speed Tracer acts as a diagnostic tool. Once these performance issues are spotted, it then initializes the process the remedy the situation.
  8. Clearly

    Clearly hails from the awesome team of Evernote. It allows you to read articles peacefully. When I first had a chance to try out this extension, I was relieved to see my page “clutter-free”. With Clearly, you can be free from the distractions brought about by the elements of the page.
  9. SEO for chrome

    SEO for chrome
    SEO tasks could be very tedious at times. Because of this, I’m glad to have SEO for Chrome. Not only does it aid in doing competitive audits but it also gives fair amount of SEO insights of a given website.
  10. Screen Capture

    Screen Capture
    I often use screen captured images to communicate with clients and my team. On a personal standpoint, I think screenshots can add to the professionalism and credibility of the subject. It is also a great way to visualize the context of each presentation.

Here is a bonus:

  • goo.gl URL Shortener

    goo.gl URL Shortener
    I found people get overwhelmed when they see pretty long URLs. I always want to keep the people around me calm and happy. This extension helps me to shorten the URL which is very elegant to share.

What is your favorite Chrome extensions that you can’t live without? I’ll be more than happy to hear your list of most preferred extensions.