Going Green seems to be the new fad of the century. Indeed, it’s about time.

Unfortunately, going green expects to alter a lot of our so called ‘way of life’. Naturally, the first reaction to change is resistance. However, I’ve always believed that nature has its own way of reacting to its occupants. And being one of the billions of ‘lessee’ in this planet, making an initiative to change is the least that I can do.

In reality, the problem about Global Warming and massive destruction of the environment has only became evident to us when we began to feel it on first hand – natural disasters; inconsistent weather changes; flush floods; etc. Life, as we know it has never been too much focused on the betterment of dear mother earth…until now. Perhaps, in the last couple of years had been too engrossed on Progress. Being a man of Technology, I believe that every day is the best day to make a difference. Otherwise, our generation’s effort to make this world a better place to live in would be far too futile.

I have started my little contributions for the benefit of ‘mankind’s residence’. First on the list of my crusade, I decided to go digital – full-time. Recently, I have started implementing soft-copies of invoice to my clients. I am proud to announce that Frontube is now raising awareness in taking care of the planet by the use of paper bills. Frontcube now utilizes Echosign– the leader of electronic signature Sign Now to sign client contracts and other official documents. In line to this, we do our best to communicate with our service providers for the rapid implementation of our cause to aid the environment. So far, we have received a lot of positive feedbacks as this the movement has done well in cost-cutting. Sadly, due to security issues, bank facilities especially within the country still finds these e-invoices a bit precarious.

After investing in an iPad (I use both iBooks and Kindle apps), my reading has never been this convenient. By the use of these gadgets, one can now carry a library of reading materials while on the go. I found this very convenient since I normally read around four books each month. If you analyze it on a different angle, the invention of ebooks and other applications that allow us to read our newspapers, journals and favorite novels without the use of paper has set another milestone for us to save millions of trees in the forest.

Along with these changes, I have noticed a noticeable decrease in clutter – hard copied files have been reduced drastically. Moreover, the lesser amount of paper piles in my workplace has led me to focus more on the tasks. I may not be one that can be called ‘obsessive’ when it comes to office documentation but I must admit that this move became a wonderful aid in the organization of my documents and work-tasks. Such a relief.

Again regarding the issue of resistance to change. Upon starting my venture to a paperless workplace, I have come up with a number of obstacles as well. This led me to several realizations, too. Seemingly, technology is still yet to gain the trust of the people especially those in the industry of Finance.

Despite the argument presented in terms of receiving the bill via a soft copy, the most common concern focuses on the ability of other people to hack through their files online.  Contrary to the belief of others, paper bills are more likely to be tampered than online information. Culprits of Identity Theft actually finds it easier to mess around one’s mailbox other than go through the obstacles of online security. Luckily, with the help of top notch online security, the reduction and possible eradication of such threats are being realized. Sadly, the public is not very well oriented regarding this.

Given the fact that paperless bills offers convenience and security, the benefits that it poses to the environment will always be an understatement. When united we do it, the more trees are saved, the less wastewater and greenhouses made.

Growing up, I was taught that every person has two needs – grow himself and grow the world. I have made enough effort to answer my personal needs but I would be half a man if I would not come to terms with the needs of the latter.