frontcube 3rd anniversaryThree years ago, frontcube officially started. The roots of the company began in my bedroom beginning with just a laptop and an Internet connection.

Nowadays I see more and more Sri Lankans are getting into Freelancing and business, but back in those days freelancing was a dirty word. I am glad that I made such a ‘risky decision’ early in my life to embark upon the freelancing journey and I stand by my decision.

Over the past couple of years, we haven’t spent the time to recognize frontcube anniversary. Today though, we want to do that by looking back at some of our biggest accomplishments.

Undertaking an Office Space

After 2 years of working from home, we decided that the time had come to move to an office location. This decision was made not only to manage the workload more efficiently, but also to create a more harmonious balance between work and home life.

Building the Army

Like other fresh albeit naive entrepreneurs, I was pretty confident that I could handle every aspect of my business by my own. Eventually however, work began to pile up and I realized that I needed more manpower to help me to better serve my clients. As of right now frontcube is comprised of 6 team members and contractors. At this time three of our team members are able to work with the frontcube team remotely.

Principle driven business model

We believe that having a set of stated and written principles is essential for good decision making. This is reflected in both our personal beliefs and in our company culture. These principles make up the core-values of frontcube and are, as we like to say, the ‘FRONTCUBE WAY’. Over time, we also came up with a set of operational principles to increase the efficiency and functionality of our company.


At this point, I’d also like to mention some handpicked projects that made a significant impact for us here at frontcube this year.

  1. Al Jazeera – The Stream mobile responsive design
    The frontcube team worked our tails off to launch the Stream mobile responsive Al Jazeera site on the SXSW day. According to recent stats, Al Jazeera currently gets 40% of their traffic from mobile traffic – that’s approximately a 130% increase of mobile traffic since our efforts.
  2. Al Jazeera English Low fidelity redesign
    The frontcube team finally released the first beta version of this lo-fi redesign, this year. We anticipate making further improvements to this design following pending reviews.
  3. PunchTab Increased Engagementfrontcube was fortunate enough to work with PunchTab – a silicon valley based Startup Company to create and implement their marketing blog design.

Thank you!

We are thrilled with the growth of frontcube over the past three years.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank our awesome team, clients and supporters and particularly you, for all of your blessings and support over the years. We’re honored and humbled by all of the people who have helped us to build our company and support our efforts to make the web a better place.

On behalf of the whole frontcube family, thank you all.