1. Frontcube turns 4

    We’re 4-years-old! We’re thankful for our journey to this point as we admire the place that we’re in at this present time. As always, we’re humbled and grateful for all of the experiences we’ve gained – good and bad. The past year has been significantly excellent for us. It’s been our privilege to help many innovative startups, as well as top-level enterprises, build their online presence. Below are some of the projects that made a remarkable impact on the market, as well as our company.

  2. frontcube turns 3

    frontcube 3rd anniversaryThree years ago, frontcube officially started. The roots of the company began in my bedroom beginning with just a laptop and an Internet connection.

    Nowadays I see more and more Sri Lankans are getting into Freelancing and business, but back in those days freelancing was a dirty word. I am glad that I made such a ‘risky decision’ early in my life to embark upon the freelancing journey and I stand by my decision.

    Over the past couple of years, we haven’t spent the time to recognize frontcube anniversary. Today though, we want to do that by looking back at some of our biggest accomplishments.

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