1. Sanjith Edward joins Frontcube as Front-end Jedi

    Sanjith EdwardOur Frontcube family is getting bigger and bigger. Yes, you know what we meant. We hired our new front-end Jedi. Although, if you look at him, you will think of him as a wrestler or a rugby defender. We are happy to introduce you Mr. Sanjith Edward, our front-end developer and the newest member of Frontcube.

    Sanjith is a “Be Happy, Always” kinda guy who loves traveling and photography when he is idle. He is from the beautiful coast of Trincomalee which is in the east of Sri Lanka. He completed a Bachelors Degree at the University of Colombo School of Computing in the stream of Computer Science.

    We are excited to welcome him into the team and we want you to join us in welcoming him.

  2. Frontcube turns 4

    We’re 4-years-old! We’re thankful for our journey to this point as we admire the place that we’re in at this present time. As always, we’re humbled and grateful for all of the experiences we’ve gained – good and bad. The past year has been significantly excellent for us. It’s been our privilege to help many innovative startups, as well as top-level enterprises, build their online presence. Below are some of the projects that made a remarkable impact on the market, as well as our company.

  3. 10 Reasons Why Working from Home Benefits Everyone

    So why do so many of us like to stay home rather than go to the office? It is not because we are lazy or lack ambition, or prefer to hang out in our pajamas all day. The truth is there are a lot of benefits to working from home.

    Not only do I speak from experience, but there are more than a few people out there that agree with me! A great book was written on the topic called “Remote; No Office Needed”, by the founders of 37signals. The book shows employers and employees how to work together while being hundreds of miles apart.

  4. Tanja Ignjatic join frontcube as Rockstar Organizer

    Tanja Ignjatic

    We would like to let you know we have hired a rockstar! Yup, that’s right a rockstar! Ok so maybe she never played in a rock band and does not hang out with Mick Jagger but she can rock out a project plan or emails like it’s her job! We are excited to introduce you to the our Rockstar Organizer and the newest member of our team Tanja Ignjatic. She started on December 2nd, 2013 and she is here to make all of our lives a little be easier.

    Tanja has a background in Administration as well as Event Coordination. She takes pride in getting the job done right the first time and loves dealing with people. She completed a Bachelors Degree at the University of Western Ontario in Organizational and Human Resource Management with a minor in French.

    Help us welcome Tanja!

  5. Leadership Wednesdays

    “Culture is King” – Robin Sharma

    It is your company’s culture that defines its personality.

    The culture behind your company helps others to understand what is important to you and what your organization stands for. Culture is, in a sense, your company’s life blood.

    In a way it is culture that demands the success of a company and helps team members to grow and flourish. Without the influence of culture however the organization will originate its own.

    Some time ago I had the privilege of reading ‘Delivering Happiness’ by Tony Hsieh, this was before I was thinking of hiring a “team.” In this book Tony not only talks about the importance of crafting and shaping good culture, but he also talks about the taste of the bitter fruits yielded from an abandoned culture as exemplified by his former company Link Exchange.

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