We’re 4-years-old! We’re thankful for our journey to this point as we admire the place that we’re in at this present time. As always, we’re humbled and grateful for all of the experiences we’ve gained – good and bad. The past year has been significantly excellent for us. It’s been our privilege to help many innovative startups, as well as top-level enterprises, build their online presence. Below are some of the projects that made a remarkable impact on the market, as well as our company.

AJ+ (Al Jazeera Plus)

Over the last two years, we’ve supported Al Jazeera’s online and mobile outlets. This year the AJ team invited us to play a game with their biggest media innovative project ever – AJ+. We helped them build their “Coming Soon” landing pages, receiving tons of positive feedback from the AJ community. We’re currently working on some interesting, yet secret, stuff. Stay tuned for updates.


Phish5 is a platform used to educate companies about current security threats, especially phishing attacks. Using Phish5, employees and team members learn how phishing works just under 5 steps.

Initially, they approached us with MVP (Minimum Viable Product). We helped them create their brand identity, web application user interface, and their landing page. Currently, we’re working on the Phish5 design case study. Be sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter feeds for updates.

FrontCube 2.0

This project is most certainly about our own salvation. We must admit that we’ve been hypocrites for more than a year. Yes, we said it! We’ve helped many large brands create and grow their online presence, but we continually failed at finding the time to create and grow our own. Of course, that’s a great problem to have, as our project pipeline is always full. Still, we realized that we were missing out on a lot of new opportunities because our information just wasn’t available. Professionally, we cannot justify putting off our online presence any longer.

Due to this revelation, we turned down a potential project to work on our own. (We worked weekends, too. It was three weekends, to be exact!) Now, analyzing the data from the new site, we’re glad we chose this path. The new website gained exposure and great praises; maybe more than we feel it deserves.

While designing our site, we took an inventory of our clients and the countries in which they live. Surprisingly, we have been serving clients from 17 different countries on 5 different continents. Amazing, right?

Future plans

It’s obvious to us that we need more manpower if we’re to continue providing our clients with the best service. In the coming months, we’ll be adding a new designer and a new developer to our team. If you’re interested in joining the Frontcube family, please drop us a line at: [email protected].

We’re also planning to offer copywriting and conversion optimization services. We’ll post more on that later.

Thank you!

It’s a thrill for us to look back over the past four years and see how much we’ve grown here, at Frontcube. Recalling the tremendous support we’ve received from our awesome team, clients, supporters and; in particular, you – makes us truly grateful.

We’re honored and humbled when thinking about all the people who have helped us become what we are today. By supporting our efforts, all of you play a part in making the web a better place.

Thank you! Truly, you guys rock!

Frontcube - 4th anniversary infographic