1. The Value of Human Communication

    We have recently employed a part-time office cleaning boy named “Sarfan”. He cares about every single thing in our company, some would say more than we do. Sadly he was born deaf and doesn’t have any traditional or special educational background. There is a very popular special education institute where we live and I still wonder how a special person like Sarfan has been ignored.

    I still remember the day that we hired him. Indeed it was difficult. Since he does not have an education, he’s afraid to touch our papers, books, pen and computers. When we were negotiating his rates, I tried to write the numbers on paper. He reacted very strangely to this gesture and from what I understoodfrom his signs, he was trying to say that he cannot read or write. Then I showed him the numbers using my fingers and he was so happy. Initially I thought that this partnership was not going to work out in the long run, but I wanted to give him a chance anyway.

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