Aslam is the one who started it all. He founded Frontcube with the goal of helping other entrepreneurs realize their dreams. As a creative with a large host of skills and a steadfast work ethic, Aslam uses his strengths to aid Frontcube and its clients in rising to the top.

Always going the extra mile.

If it Aslam weren’t going above and beyond for his clients, he wouldn’t be doing his job. It’s this dedication that embodies his entire business attitude, and it’s what allowed Frontcube itself to be born. Alsam started Frontcube from his bedroom, putting every spare moment into building the company on his own.

Not only does Aslam provide unwavering support for his customers, he does so for other developers and designers as well. In his upcoming book “Rails for Designers”, he gives other design professionals all they need to know to get started in Rails.

Meditation and self-help are major forces in Aslam’s life, allowing him to keep his focus and ambition. Aslam also loves to spend his time reading and collecting books, as well as stimulating his imagination by watching 3D animation films with his beloved wife.