UX Designer

Are you a J-O-B person looking for a typical nine to five, or are you the kind of person who embraces challenges, thrives in a no-excuses culture, and wants to be a part of an emerging thought leader in the development community? If you said yes to the latter then we definitely want to get to know you and encourage you to check us out.

Work with perks

We don't live to work, we work to live, and a balance is a must for our health, success, and happiness. We want your experience with us to be fully balanced and fully awesome, so we offer some very nice perks starting with the beautiful Sri Lankan vacation-culture and region our offices are set in. Here's a few more perks.

  • Paid learning hour everyday

    Creative minds need learning like a knife needs a whetstone to stay sharp. That's why once a day, for one hour, we put down our client work and learn something new in our stream together.

  • Personal growth

    You'll have an extensive personal and professional growth library with books, audio books, and courses to inspire the new insights, innovations, and creativity that helps us consistent deliver the wow factor to our customers.

  • Health care

    People in our industry tend to burn the candle at both ends. Physical health is essential to productivity and happiness. To help, we provide a full-body medical check-up each year, paid by the company. It's the least we can do even all the free snacks. :-)

  • Awesome tools

    We love Mac. Mac is the tool of creativity. So you'll be hooked up with a Mac to help us create amazing things together!

  • Snack Attack

    Everybody needs a snack from time to time so we keep stocked up with lot's of free, tasty, and healthful treats and snacks, plus all the coffee, tea, and sodas you care to drink.

  • Shared Success

    We believe that when the team succeeds everyone should share in the rewards. That's why on top of salaries we also share a percentage of profits with our team members.